Welcome to The Historic Strong Family Farm of Vernon, Connecticut!

Work Day 2

At one point in time, Connecticut small farms and family farms were found throughout the state. A major change began happening in the 1950s and 1960s. The rise of large combined farms made it difficult for small farms to compete. The need for increased housing plus good prices being offered for open land, resulted in many family farms becoming housing developments.

There are many reasons the Strong Family Farm has been a working farm since 1878. Perhaps the most compelling is that the family adapted to the changes of the times in which they found themselves. For example, when dairy farming was no longer a profitable venture in the 1960s, they began raising turkeys. 

Some fifty-years later, the family adapted once again when son Morgan decided that he had had enough of Connecticut winters and wanted to farm in Virginia. Daughter Nancy Strong conceived of saving both the farm and its history by providing a historic agricultural education center where individuals, families, and groups could experience an authentic family farm environment. 

Under the auspices of the Strong Family Farm Nonprofit organization, Executive Director Nancy Strong is seeing her vision of providing hands-on agrarian and horticultural learning opportunities become a reality.

In keeping with the historical aspects of the farm, the Farm Store sells produce and products grown, made or, designed in Connecticut. Currently the only farm store in Connecticut to rely solely on seasonally and locally available produce, people are often surprised when they’re told that the season has gone by for certain items, or that others are not available because the woodchucks or rabbits have gotten to them first! 

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