The Land

The Pastures and Meetinghouse Hill

The 33-acre Meetinghouse Hill field is across Route 30 from the Vernon Center Middle School extending to Cemetery Road. It’s one of the most historic places in Vernon. When Norman Strong died in 2010 this part of his Heritage Farm was left to his heirs in the Strong Family Trust. In 2014 the Trust decided to sell the fields. To preserve this important piece of Vernon’s heritage, and one of the last reminders of our agricultural heritage, Meetinghouse Hill, LLC was formed, purchased the property, with another 18 acre field on West Road, working to preserve it and make it accessible for town residents and future generations. (

Thanks to help from Richard Steele, Carl Schaefer, Karl Hasel, and Jon Roe, the sign has now been installed at the entrance to the Strong Family Farm Pastures along Hartford Turnpike. The property is permanently preserved thanks to significant support from the community.

Of course, there’s always more work to be done. Plans are being made for some restorations of the red barn. Walking paths with better signage will need to be established to meet the CT DEEP easement requirements. But Vernon can be proud of its conservation efforts to preserve and protect this historic farmland for generations to come.



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