On the Farm

Strong Family Farm stays busy from Spring through to the Harvest.

We host a number of Events at the Farm, in addition to what’s on the Farm.

The Hop Along Gang

The Hop Along Gang is a local 4-H club focusing on educating kids about handling and caring for rabbits. Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at Strong Family Farm in the Spring, and the Ellington Library in the Winter.

Learn more about the Hop Along Gang!

Backyard Chicken Program

The Backyard Chicken Program (formerly Adopt-a-Chicken program) is a fun and educational way to help children and their families experience farming life – and chickens – in a very unique way.

The program officially begins in June, but the chicks arrive in late March and are introduced to everyone during the Annual 5K Chicken Run hosted by the farm.

Each class is a variety of instruction, craft or project, exploring and learning about the farm, and hands-on interactions with the chickens.

Learn more about the Backyard Chicken Program.

Raised Bed Gardening

Thanks to the CT Department of Agriculture Viability Grant, The Strong Family Farm (SFF) was able to offer new programs this season to the Vernon community. This matching grant’s major objectives are to enable people to have more experiences that are beneficial at the farm, regardless of their age or mobility issues,  educate people on how they can obtain the benefits of fresh produce by installing their own container gardens, and increase the farm’s diversity and amounts of plants and produce grown. SFF, a 501(c)(3) organization, prides itself on being Vernon’s community farm, and this grant allowed the farm to expand its community.

Learn more about Raised Bed Gardening at Strong Family Farm.

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