Civil War Day Camp

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The Civil War day Camp is a wonderful one-day opportunity for children from ages 8 to 13 to be transported to the early 1860’s and “learn some really cool stuff about life and how to survive during the Civil War.” This includes:

    • Experiencing the living conditions of the time
    • How the armies communicated
    • How armies marched in formation
    • What soldiers cooked
    • And more!

Each boy and girl will be given the name of a soldier who actually fought in the Civil War and adopts their persona for the day.

This hands-on-learning experience is the brainchild of Frank Niederwerfer, a 20-year member of the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Company G Reenactment unit. This is the third year the historical, educational, and fun camp is being held at the farm.

Helping Frank in delivering this program are members of the Alden Skinner Camp #45 of the Sons of Union Veterans in Rockville, 14th Connecticut Reenacting members, and volunteer help from New England Civil War Museum.

On the day of the event: Please bring 1 blanket suitable for use as a bedroll and a bag lunch. Please wear long pants and suitable footwear (shoes or sneakers). No sandals of any kind.

Each participant will receive a commemorative bandana. Water will be provided.

Frank’s life-long interest in history became focused on the Civil War period in 1961 during the Centennial of the war. He began researching his relatives that had served in the war and found his great-great-uncle Oliver Dart from South Windsor.

It’s appropriate that the camp is being held at the farm as the Darts are related to the Strong Family.

Sergeant Charles E. Dart, the color bearer of the 14th Regiment of Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, was mortally wounded at Fredericksburg and is buried at Grove Hill Cemetery just down the road from the farm.

2015 Civil War Day Camp – Dan Villeneuve Photography

2014 Telegraph and Civil War Signal Corps  – Dan Villeneuve Photography