The Farm is Closed for the Season

But we will continue to update you about upcoming events and more in our newsletter and on social media!

Annual Scarecrow Contest

Thank you to all our participants in this year’s 12th Annual Scarecrow Contest! This is one of the best years ever and we truly appreciate all our community in participating. The independent judges, Kathy and Bob Sumislaski, had a hard time and have awarded ties to many participants and everyone else will receive red ribbons for second place!

BUSINESS GROUP: There is a tie for first place – “The Adams Family” by Ray Page
Plumbing AND Berkshire Hathaway for their Barbie Dream House.

TRADITIONAL SCARECROW is awarded to The Murphy’s.

YOUTH GROUP WINNERS ARE TIED: Boy Scout Troop 20/20 and Vernon Police

ADULT GROUP winner is Vernon “Rocks”

FAMILY WINNERS ARE TIED – Fence Post #11 – The Electrician from BOOgus Electric Company by the McLaughlin/Jacques Family and #13 – “Miguel” from the movie Coco – Shallack/Nemeth Family

We hope to see you all and more next year!

Annual 5K Chicken Run

Civil War Camp

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